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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 27, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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forces several to evacuate. firefighters are still on the scene. >> the east coast is waking up to a blankets of snow with problems it is creating and when people could get relief. good morning, not to be a cry-baby they get our storm. again. >> thanks for joining us. >> i am eric thomas, and leyla gulen is here and meteorologist mike nicco is talking about the weather. live doppler hd shows where our wet weather is on the line south of king city to the low where we find the best radar returns and where the rain is reaching the ground. we have had some sprinkles headed into the afternoon with clouds and showers and sprinkles tapering and low-to-mid 60's today. >> on the roads this morning, it is busy. >> it is. you think mild weather but we have mild traffic and not is unfortunately, with a sig-alert and an accident in zoning and a brand new one in san francisco
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involving an overturned vehicle. right now as we look at the bay bridge toll plaza it is busy and the metering lights are on. walnut creek southbound 680 loading up headed into walnut creek. this is from san francisco where police are searching if three masked men behind a dramatic goal heist and it happened at 2:30 this morning after the wells fargo museum on montgomery street. if you recognize the building it is, in fact historic and police say the suspect slammed the suburb an s.u.v. through the glass and held up a security guard and they still gold nuggets and took off in another vehicle leaving the s.u.v. behind. you can see the s.u.v. is still there if the lobby of the museum with glass everywhere. crews are working to get the s.u.v. out of the lobby but it is still there. our reporter is at the scene
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with a report coming up in the next 30 minutes. >> from the south bay firefighters have been battling a two alarm fire that chased several people from their homes and this is happening right now in san jose and we have listened and heard that arson investigators are at the scene. matt? >> you can see the damage. you can see fires checking out. arson team is here. they are trying to determine what caused the fire. firefighters say a neighbor called 9-1-1 and knocked on the doors in an attempt to get everyone up and out. first call was before 3:30. our cameras captured the flaming burning 25 minutes later. arson was called because firefighters say it wasn't obvious what started the fire and are investigating all possibilities. >> trying to figure if people had work done whether it was
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look been lookal. >> seven were evacuated, most are allowed back in the one apartment has water damage. the road has re-opened with no word on how long the firefighters will be here investigating the fire. thank you matt. today, doctors and university of california student health centers are on a one-day strike to picket at all ten campuses. it will impact uc berkeley, uc santa cruz and uc davis accuse the university of unfair labor practices saying this is the first time doctors have again on strike against an employer. uc is encouraging the union to get back to the bargaining table. >> facebook and instagram are back up and running.
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both sites went down and that started panic. nick has been gathering details. >> more than 1.35 when and 1.12 million mobile phone users were denied access to accounts for an hour. facebook responded saying it was not hacked. the problem was a glitch caused by a change that affected configuration systems. this was reported in the united states asia, united kingdom and australia. lizard squad referenced this but did not claim respondibility in tweets. they are the group that shut down sony play station on christmas day. instagram rely on facebook were affected. frustrated users were sounding
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off. our facebook lit up with reaction. one said "for a minute i thought i didn't pay the bill." another said "i realized i have no idea how to get in touch with so many people without facebook ." this morning facebook says the search -- servers are back 100 percent and you should review your privacy setting. >> snow emergencies are underway in seven states this morning as the strong winter storm slams the east coast. >> travel plans have been lifted across america and new jersey. they emerge from the waste of the blizzard. >> new video into the newsroom from queens in new yorks snowplows out in force this morning and in long island 25 inches of snow have fallen and
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we find our sister station has more on the conditions. >> 60 miles from manhattan at long island getting hammered by the winter storm. there are now snow drifts 3' high from blowing and drifting snow that keeps on coming. we have seen nearly white out conditions. the roads are closed to emergency vehicles and gusts are blowing the snow in every direction. it is impossible to say how much snow we have on the ground because the wins have been so strong. workers have done an excellent job of keeping up with the storm. when it passes the highways will be open sooner. that is the sill certificate line -- silver lining in a very, very dangerous storm. >> thank you.
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new york city subway system should be running. the governor announced service will resume at 6:00 am 60 percent of trains running down. extra subways were running to get people out of city ahead of the storm. >> more video in massachusetts you can see the strong winds blowing the snow around and 3' of snow in massachusetts but one city is already recording 22" of new snow. >> staying in massachusetts, firefighters had to president el blizzard conditions with intense flames near boston. the four started before 3:00 a.m. and firefighters say everyone in the duplex got out safely. >> the weather is having a ripple affect on flights. 99 flights in and out ofhave --
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in and out of san francisco have been canceled adding up to 4,900 across the united states. if you travel check the airlines before you head to the airport. >> outside of boston, you can see mostly emergency vehicles with foreclosed asks to fought drive if they do have to. you can see why, the blanket of snow and drifts on the side and poor visibility. this blizzard has pounded the northeast. >> when the snow stops the snow can m and then re-freeze so now you have ice. >> i totaled a car that way in philadelphia. be careful. we have the opposite problem of being too dry too warm. >> absolutely. i will show you how much snow
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they are receiving and it is not coming to us from best to continuing the next 8-10 hours so a possible of another foot falling. there will be more of a problem bet getting into boston. philadelphia and new york will be open sooner. in walnut creek inning for and tomorrow it will be back south along 680 into walnut creek. the next 12 hours, very warm and mid-40's to upper 50's a last us are near our average highs. the chance of sprinkles or light showers are diminishing and nearly 60 and a few bits of sunshine and low-to-mid 60's at 4:00 and clearing in the evening and mid-50's. in emeryville you can see it looks nice. mid-60's tomorrow. low-to-mid 60's open thursday.
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mid-to-upper 60's on friday. more warmth this weekend. >> a brand new crash headed out of daly city to san francisco northbound 280 an overturned vehicle. you can see it is causing delays with everything on the shoulder. westbound 580 the accident is if place dropping one or two lanes with four vehicles and the tow truck is stuck if traffic. you can see the backup growing. use 880 as you make the approach to highway 13. drive time traffic antioch concord, 101, san rafael to san francisco is under 20 minutes. >> are you being tracked behind the wheel? new this morning the vote government surveillance program
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covering santa clara east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. a look at the bay bridge toll plaza where traffic is stacking up. a check on commute with leyla gulen is coming up.
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developing now if libya five phoners and these guards have been killed by gunmen at a luxury hotel in tripoli. officials say five marked attackers stormed the hotel and took hostages. in the last hour a libyan government officials said the situation was "under control," and the hostage situation as over. a car bomb was detonated. the hotel is popular with foreign visitors mostly from europe and turkey. >> holocaust survivors are gathering to mark the 70th anniversary of the liberation of auschwitz. 300 survivors took part starting at the moment that russian thanks stormed into auschwitz in 1945 a few months' world war iiened world war it will be the last time they will be together because most
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are in their 80's and 90's. >> fidel castro has ended his silence over opening dip pick relations. he does not trust the politics of the united states but differences should be resolved through cooperation. castro commented in a statement read on monday at university of havana. he has not been seen in public in a year. cuba denies reports that he is dead. >> the government appears to keep tabs on where you go according to a report in the "wall street journal" they have been builting a base to track moment of millions of vehicles using cameras and license plate scanners to reportness on drivers. the goal is to track vehicles connected to crimes but opponents say this raises new questions of privacy and the scope of government surveillance. >> a complaint of a shoplifter led to police calling in the
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bomb squad in lodi. that blast neutralized the pipe juan officer found in the suspect's s.u.v. yesterday afternoon and a local newspaper reports that another dangerous device was rendered harmless with a water cannon. police found loaded hand community magazines. officers questioning a. before the explosives. she was suspected of shoplifting at a wal-mart. >> protester is using a super hero to cover up antimuslim ads with pictures of chan who "miss marvel," the first muslim super hero covering up theant islamic messages with "calling on bigotry busters," and "stamp out racism." the outside contractor will repair them. muni has to run the ads but donates the revenue to the human
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rights commission. >> time if a check on the weather forecast. >> so warm. >> especially in the south bay. live doppler hd looks impressive. if you have been with us you know the rain hasn't made it north to king city with a few sprinkles around stockton and to sacramento but no reports of it reaching the ground in the bay area. winds are 13 miles per hour if mountain view and 14 at sfo and half moon bay from the south and that is why it is so mild. in the south bay the coolest temperature is san jose at alum rock at 61 degrees. 64 right new in los gatos. our average high is 60. that is what we have in newark and alameda. redwood city is 64. san francisco is 62.
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some of our valleys are cooler like lafayette at 49 and danville 51. from san rafael south on 101 not foggy this morning but it will be toll. mostly clouds after the stray light shower and a chance of that tapering after the noon and clear and cooler with fog returning. low-to-mid 60's with the lack of sunshine we will be warmer-than-average having to do with the start. tonight it is clearing but the tule fog will clear in with north bay fog and in heart of the san francisco bay and temperatures are low-to-mid 40's and around to the south bay the palo alto and fremont and usual mid-to-upper 40's the warmer spot is richmond and san mateo and san francisco and half moon bay and the low is. coming up toward us and it is weakening and starting to slide to the east and that is good for the mountains and high elevation
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of snow but nothing of significance. you can see the should cover for us through noon through 5:00 and the clearing starts in the evening and that leads to the cooler temperatures and the fog. tomorrow offshore breeze means mid-60's and onshore means low 60 at the coast and mid-60's for the bay and inland and mid-to-upper 60's on friday with temperatures touching 70 saturday and sunday. >> we have slowing in the usual spots and this morning is plagued with quite a few problems including in san francisco. if you are traveling out of daly city to san francisco northbound 280 right near highway one that is where you will find an overturned vehicle causing a little bit of delay. doesn't sound like injuries involved and all pushed to the shoulder. hopefully those delays will subside. in gilroy the sig-alert is in effect with no injuries but eastbound highway 152 we are
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shut down after a flatbed big rig hauling glass. no glass in the road. just re-opened the westbound lane. it is quite slow. you will have a tough drive use 156 to connect to 25 rechecking you to -- reconnecting you to 101. >> starting today, come cat and direct tv have new competition we will tell you of the new streaming service a bay area company is helping to launch. >> lance armstrong on the and why he says he would dope all over again. >> the golden gate bridge has light traffic. stay tuned.
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a look at san francisco international airport keep in mind that dozens of nights have been canceled because of the bad weather back east. call ahead to check on lit -- flight status. >> they will talk about the blizzard on "good morning america" and we will check on what else is coming up. >> next on "good morning america" the biggest storm of the year shut down major cities and battering 50 million americans with gusts concreting white out conditions. our weather team is in full force cross the northeast. that is on "good morning america" next. >> in 37 minutes. >> confusion over the status of berkeley's historic downtown post office.
6:24 am
according to our media partner the postal service says the building is off the market. it was up for sale but two lawsuits filed in november argued the postal service was trying to sell the building without performing the required environmental assessments. protests tried to prevent the sale to preserve it as a landmark. the postal service did not say why it is off the market. >> a statue that has been at stick stick will need a new home. st. francis statue commissioned in 1973 will be removed from the stadium bus accident. we were over candlestick where demolition begins. it is not st. francis will end up. >> people are going above and beyond to help a police officer save his k-9 partner. this is "frank," seven year old shepherd diagnosed with lymphoma
6:25 am
the have the -- doctors said he had two months to leave without treatment. a sergeant set up a go fund me page and since 4:00 p.m. yesterday $,000 in donations have poured in bringing the total to $12,000. now, frank will get the treatment he needs. >> admission from lance armstrong in a tv interview two yours after he confessed to using performance enhancing drugs speaking to the bbc he spoke of the fallout since the admission of guilt to oprah and says he should be forgiven but if he can do it over he probably would dope again. >> if i was racing in 2015? no. why thing you have to do it again. if you take me become to 1995 when its with completely and
6:26 am
totally pervasive...probably do it again. people don't lick like to hear that. >> he was stripped of the record seven tour de france wins and banned increase live by the antidoping agency. >> a new way to watch tv starting now. sling tv is a participateship between dish and slim box a. extraing service with ten channels including espn at $20 a month and you may for internet connection targeted to those who do not have traditional table or satellite subscription. >> the morning news continues with the top stories. >> more on the high wind and heavy snow on east coast. we take you to new york city.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it tuesday, january 27. thank you for joining us. >> mike? live doppler hd shows sprinkles and maybe a shower
6:30 am
reaching the ground in the south bay but that is it. we have measurable rain in king city and south. breezy this morning and in 40's and fits on the way to low-to-mid 60's with just cloudy conditions. leyla gulen, how is the commute time? >> we cannot blame the rain for the accidents. we have a sig-alert in gilroy and an accident in san francisco and oakland. this is a picture of the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights turned on early. the golden gate bridge is building but moving. we continuing to follow breaking news with a search on way for armed bank robbers in san francisco a they slammed an s.u.v. into the wells fargo bank
6:31 am
building. amy hollyfield is on the scene. amy? >> here is the last look of the s.u.v. they towed it out of the lobby and police have shut down this section of montgomery with no car moving through to get this out of here. they have been working on getting the s.u.v. out of the lobby for an hour. it is a delicate process. this is the s.u.v. that three marked men left behind. they use this to barge through the car of the wells fargo history museum, to storm inside. they got away with gold nuggets. there is a stage cold from the gold rush era and they got away with gold nuggets. they left in a get away car. a white car took the three machine out of here. we are suspecting this suburban
6:32 am
is probably stolen so they did not care if they left it behind. we are waiting to have that confirmed. the sergeant cannot comment. this happened at 2:30. we are between california and sacramento in san francisco. there was a security guard. this is classified as "robbery," because someone was here working at the time. there were reports from police the men were armed. the sergeant is not commenting. the security guard is okay. no one was hurt. there is glass everywhere. it shattered all over the sidewalk and all if the lobby of the story and they tried to get the car out of here. the thieves were last seen eastbound and possibly driving a white ford taurus.
6:33 am
time to dig out new york and new jersey have lifted the travel bans. trend it systems is important back east and the transit are opening as well. the travel ban has been lifted but new york city is still waking up. there is no one out there. i have eastbound more -- seen more sleds. >> the city that never sleeps is hibernating. empty streets and bridges and trains shut down in new york and throughout the northeast chest. snowmen outnumber people in madison square park. seven states now in a state of emergency. >> extreme snow fall. hurricane force wins. travel been for the entire state. >> remain home.
6:34 am
stay off the roads. >> it is dangerous to be out there. it is dangerous. it will become more addition. look for all roads to close. >> states issued unprecedented travel bans. >> in new york the entire subway station closed on monday night. >> i am in the last trains running in new york city. usually it is filled with people but tonight it is almost empty. >> in massachusetts, a protected power outage because a concern that high winded could down the power line causing uncontrollable fire. we are the first first responders. if we are not clearing the we cannot get through. >> that was from industrial park in new york new york -- from central
6:35 am
park in emergency city. the big storm resulted in flights being grounded across the nation, 4,700 flights cross the nation. locally, that adds up to 102 cancellations at sfo with nothing canceled at oakland and san jose. call the airline if you are fly ing. >> highway patrol investigators are looking if the cause of a patrol to burst into flames. you can see the car burning in the video posts by a witness. it happened on a ramp conducting the bay bridge to treasure island. the officer stopped after smelling smoke while drive. he got out of car and called for help. the trunk exploded as another officer arrived at scene. one officer was hit in the arm. san francisco police went to learn about a absoluting in the anything district at 25 there
6:36 am
with a victim but in word open that person's condition. the corner store was proposed off. there have been no arrests. >> a third location in the south bay is on the measles wanting list. officials say an infected man visited dave and buster's at the great mall in milpitas on monday. he went to a costco and wal-mart in gilroy the day's. the measles outbreak started last month at disney and has spread with 87 cases 73 california. disney is the parent company of abc7. facebook and instagram go down overnight. was it part of a hack attack? the new statement issued by the menlo park-based social media network. >> the blizzard's back on the
6:37 am
economy: good and bad news. the bay bridge toll plaza shows it is jam packed. weather and traf
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♪ ♪all day and all of the night - the kinks♪ ♪all day and all of the night - the kinks♪ yoplait. with a smooth and
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creamy taste your whole family loves. it is so good all the time. >> it looks so promising the area of low pressure, the nice rain shield south of us and now the low is opening up and drifts to the east taking the rain with us. low-to-mid 60's through the central valley in monterey and snow showers and rain showers in lake tahoe and friction. -- and 46. >> no accumulation. maybe 1" and temperatures are above average and dry the rest
6:40 am
of the seven-day forecast for forecast. >> we have a new crash in martinez westbound highway 4. we have one lane blocked. this is involving a vehicle that possibly overturned and flipped and landed on the wheels. c.h.p. is on the scene. though may have to do a traffic break. traffic is not moving fast and other cars could hit it. one lane is blocked. we do not see delays away from 680 but it is there. >> the san mateo bridge is being, coming away from hayward to foster city with brake lights along the water. walnut creek too, is loading up headed out of pleasant hill. it is now 6:40. new fall out attack that a bay area business is taking. >> a backlash for a bay
6:41 am
company that made big promises about the waistline. stay tuned.
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i'm in, and i'm excited about my future. open enrollment ends february 15th. visit today. >> covering walnut creek burlingame campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. you can log on to facebook and instagram this morning after a massive outage sent people into a panic. nick has details on what caused the outing a. >> they know it was their engineers trying to do a service update with 1.35 denied access and facebook said they were not hacked, they were responsible, after a glitch
6:44 am
because of a change that affected configuration. this was recorded for people in the united states, asia australia, united kingdom and lizard squad talked about it by did not claim responsibility. they shut down microsoft k box on christmas day. instagram relies on facebook for service was affected. frustrated users sounded off. our facebook page lit up with reaction one saying "it was awful i put down the phone and talked to someone nation to face." >> i am glad the service is restored so we can keep tabs on friends and family in the blizzards zone. >> it is back 100 percent for everyone. use your
6:45 am
review your password. >> dollar tree stop selling beverages after attacks on january 1 with soda refrigerators new stocked with water. the switch helps a woman make a shafter choice. >> maybe it is good. maybe poor people will make a healthy choice. i come over here for water because i know i will not have the distraction. it is made it easier choice. >> the scene tax is on companies that distribute the drinks but many stores are passing the cost to the customers. >> twitter is expanded how user communicate and will let users send group messages and shoot video using the mobile app. people can invite anyone who follows them allowing
6:46 am
connections among other users would may not know each other and can record and edit and upload clip through the phone camera. >> snowstorms and those far away can impact the economy here. >> the dow is starting the day down triple digits. jane king has these stories and more in the money report. how did you get to work? >> i got a hotel room last night across the street so i walked over. if that is how you do a blizzard, do it with wine and cheese and a fireplace. not a bad way to do it. as you mentioned off to a rough start on wall street today with steep losses with the dow down 290 points and s&p down by 25 and nasdaq down 86 with earnings misses from microsoft and the economic reports show durable goods were disappointing. we are seeing the markets off to
6:47 am
a rough start. >> snow storms are bad for the economy in the short-term but they can give an economic lift if it causes economic activity to slow for a few days as we saw in new york yesterday that can hurt growth but what happens the activity is delays if a few months and leads to a burst later in the year. uber said they would put a cap on surge pricing and it was reported with the first snow and ubers with charging three times the normal rate but the prices did go back down quickly and said they would donate some of the proceeds to the red cross. we are not sure how were they took places ban because of a travel ban. >> i.r.s. imposter rates are up 2,300 percent percent demanding payment up front and threaten jail time and tax-represented oyster theft is the more
6:48 am
reported i.d. theft. >> a texas base maker of waste lost supplements made millions claiming green coffee bean supplements led to and he will pay $9 million in fines. >> good idea staying at the hotel. >> i remember those days, adding insult to injury with the blizzards and the dow down a tough day. >> we will check the weather. mike this is better? >> we are off to a quiet are start. the storm is affecting from st. john's halifax back to new york the area of snow with a brighter area from new york for bangor is 1" an hour so we will get a couple of feet out of this system. new york should be clear this afternoon and boston, tomorrow.
6:49 am
there could be delays. check in before you head that way. radar runs are interesting, ebb and flow because we see what is in the clouds not what is dropping so we are still dry. wins are quick at 13 miles per hour at mountain view and 14 at sfo so it is warm. that is why we are fog free. that will change tonight. bart stations show the temperatures are 49 if lafayette and walnut creek and pittsburg is the school spot and 55 in dublin and 50 at concord and 59 if oakland and san leandro and 60 at hayward and 63 in fremont and 64 at sfo and 60 in daly city and 61 in san francisco. that is warm for this time of the morning in the middle of winter. walnut creek shows all the traffic but i am focusing on the fact there is no fog because there will be tonight. sprinkles this morning. tapering after lunch. clear.
6:50 am
cooler. fog runs tonight. another weekend of spring warmth. today, low-to-mid 60's without much sunshine to late in the afternoon and that certain surge of warmth will keep us above am. tonight we are 20 degrees cooler with low-to-mid 40's to the south bay and fremont to palo alto and the rest of the bay and the coast in the upper 40's and the area of low pressure is streaming from the south weakening and pulling to the east and because of that watch what the radar return has for us just a last cloud cover in 10 minutes all the way through noon and through action and that accident mope this won't be a stray shower but that is it. the seven-day forecast shows tomorrow we will see more sunshine an off shore breeze and cooler at the cost on thursday, and mid-to-upper 60's on friday and a lot of us will touch 70 over the weekend. >> we mentioned bart stations and we have 59 bart trains
6:51 am
running on time. you will not be standing on the platforms too long. we have heavy traffic in the east bay if you are driving if tracy to livermore we are looking at heavy bumper-to-bumper traffic and along 680 southbound and highway 84 meeting with 680 we are fining those delays. ace train 1 3 7, all running on time. we have an accident westbound highway 4 with c.h.p. on the scene. traffic is coming in quickly. we have some slowing in martinez but westbound we are not missing much because hercules in the westbound direction we have stop-and-go traffic interest san pablo to the hoffman split to albany and berkeley and you have company there move up to the bay bridges. >> we are back with seven things to know before you go. >> we will keep weather and traffic through the entire
6:52 am
cheryl break so you -- commercial break so you do not miss a
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for over 60,000 california foster children nights can feel long and lonely. i miss my sister. i miss my old school. i miss my room. i don't want special treatment. i just wanna feel normal. to help, sleep train is collecting pajamas for foster children, big and small. bring your gift to any sleep train and help make a foster child's night a little cozier. not everyone can be a foster parent but anyone can help a foster child. >> good morning at 6:53. a gorgeous morning in the bay area, you can see from the camera, both sides of the bay and it is bouncing and windy but the conditions are keeping us kuwait warm this morning the talk to mike in a a second. here are seven things to
6:54 am
know's you go today: number one breaking news from san francisco. police are sending for three men who rammed an s.u.v. in a wells fargo museum making off with gold nuggets before taking off. in san jose investigators are investigating a two-alarm fire with throw cars burned and several were evacuated from a neighboring come mention. no word on a cause but it appears "suspicious." >> investigators want to know the cause of a c.h.p. patrol car to burst into flames last night. the officer smelled smoke and pulled off on to treasure island where the car caught fire. two officers suffered non-life threat being injuries when they rain showered to help the officer would drove the vehicle. >> a look at live doppler hd shows dividing line between the rain to the south and our
6:55 am
neighborhood has not moved all morning. it looks calm. as we look from the exploritorium cross the bay to the port but the wins are 15 to third miles per hour and it is breezy. by the afternoon the chance of sprinkles and drizzle and stray sure is again and shroudy and low-to-mid 60. >> traffic is heavy in san jose and 280 and it will take 20 minutes from we to cupertino. in gilroy we still have a sig-alert blocking all eastbound lanes. westbound lanes are open and one way traffic rule is in affect. sig-alert is around for another two or three hours. >> two drivers accused of causing a deadly crash that killed a pedestrian are in jail. miss say the two men were street racing. a 19-year-old woman was killed when she was hit by a car. she was out for a jog when the crash happened.
6:56 am
>> drivers are allowed to drive in new york and new jersey after both states lit -- lift add travel ban. transit is resuming service, as well. the brunt of the storm is new hitting new england. >> we could have driving problems but nothing like that. >> indeed not. >> can you imagine. >> some of the emergencies have been lifted. it is still tough. if you try to get into new york...tomorrow morning getting interest boston will be difficult but in the afternoon you will be fine. >> now they have to turn the lanes around. call the airlines ahead so you know if you are flying today. see you in 25 minutes.
6:57 am
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40 flavors. 100 calories or less. good morning, america. snow emergency. that massive blizzard hitting the east hard. heavy snow and powerful wind in new england and eastern long island. airports at a stand still and roads shut down. major cities just coming back to life right now. lifting travel bans. breaking overnight. brazing robbery in california. mass gunman remming a suv and making off with gold nuggets and getting away in another vehicle t manhunt on right now. >> lashing out. the patriots owner about deflate-gate. tom brady and his coach belichick as new questions


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